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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  September 9, 2013 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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live from the kgo tv broadcast center, this is abc 7 news. in contra costa county, beefing up the air assault in diablo state park. and after the air assault, the
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fallout. not a shot we get too often, good evening, i'm dan ashley. that was the sound of flame ret retarant hitting the ground, burning between clayton and black hawk, this fire is 20% contained, burning more than 3700 acres at this time. abc reporter laura anthony has more. >> reporter: with so much of the terrain rugged and inaccessible and in some places on mt. diablo, the firefighters just have to let the flames go. like this? >> we're seeing it burn down to gray ash. >> what you're seeing here is not typical california burning conditions the first part of september here, so we're about a month and a half ahead of schedule, in the second year of a two-year dry spell. >> the ground crews were able to
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push back the flames at summit road, they held the line and then got out of the way to let the dc-10s drop the retardant just below. by mid-day, the main aim of the firefight was to keep those flames on this side of summit road. despite those efforts, a good part of mt. diablo state park has been charred, including this picnic area, and the fire has grown significantly in the past 24 hours, but so too, has the containment line. >> we're opt optimistic we'll hold it down on the road and tie it down on the south blank of mt. diablo. >> reporter: by mid-afternoon, they helped to create a fire line on the south side of the mountains. it looks like firefighters have kept the flames on the other side. on mt. diablo, laura anthony.
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and it prompted a smoke advisory from the bay area school officials. schools in livermore have cancelled all outside programs because of the fire conditions, abc news reporter wayne freedman has more. >> reporter: there are two ways to measure this fire in mt. diablo state park, acreage and man power would be one, worry and sleeplessness would be the other. >> sounds overwhelming. >> well, it -- yeah, it is very stressful. >> reporter: and this is a success story, the two horses that belong to her are safe. still, she endured a long, sleepless night after what was a rough summer. >> my brother just lost his home a few months ago in colorado springs. they lost everything from a forest fire. >> reporter: this fire today, a
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series of incidents in which flames roared up and then men beat them back. this battle took place in curry canyon, where at times the smoke was so click the firefighters practically disappeared in it. this area so rugged that the most effective attacks came from the air. the drops, a source of r reassuran reassurance. >> that is very rugged, steep trails, a few fire road, not a lot. >> reporter: shawn had evacuated last night. he returned today to check on his goats and chickens. he intends to stay, in the east bay, diablo is their mountain, their back drop, in good times and bad. >> it can be changed, too, we ride all over the mountains on our horses. and it will just be very different landscape now. >> reporter: on mt. diablo, wayne freedman, abc news. and spencer christian has
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more. >> okay, we'll go to live doppler hd, taking you to the side of the fire, showing the smoke coming out from the fires. early in the afternoon, late in the day there was less smoke in the atmosphere, still quite a bit going up in the air. here is a look at current conditions, on top mt. diablo, relative humidity, down to 13%, winds are strong out of the northwest at 20 miles an hour, gusting to 36 miles an hour, of course it is much warmer down near the base of the mountain, the conditions now are not very favorable because the humidity is very low and the winds are quite strong. so let's move along and take a look at the forecast. we'll see wind overweight out of the west-northwest. when it is gusts it will be higher. cooler tomorrow, that is good news, the smoke advisory remains in effect for contra costa and santa clara counties as the
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winds continue to billow. and thank you, that is not the fire out of control, the fire in happy valley south of redding as you see on the map is burning. you can see evacuations, and 2700 acres were destroyed. there are reports that at least one firefighter was hurt. they expect the fire to grow, residents there are also being asked to limit the use of water because firefighters need all they can get. well, pg&e won't face state criminal charges for the san bruno pipeline explosion, but federal prosecutors still have another two years to file charges, today was the deadline for the state and county prosecutors to act. it was also the third anniversary of the blast that killed eight people and destroyed 38 homes. well,ing on, two fremont police officers are being called heroes, and for good reason after helping to save three lives during a house fire this morning.
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they thought to use a patrol car to rescue people trapped inside. the fire broke out near farewell drive. david louis has the story. >> reporter: you can see where the fire spread quickly through the house. the police officer and his partner were first on scene. luvano noticed a person who had to be rescued. but the ground was too high for access. >> i kind of turned around to see what i had available to me, i on a whim pushed the car to the window and it actually gave us really good leverage to pull the victim out. >> reporter: firefighters helped the victim and another person who were overcome by smoke. the doors were bolted and locked. >> they had a front door that was locked with a security bar and grill. so it was one of the locks that had a dead bolt on it where you
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need a key to work on the lock to get out. >> reporter: the cause of the fire is still under investigation, the parents remain in the hospital. >> i didn't speak to my sister, but they were worried because of carbon monoxide. they didn't speak to me about it. but they seemed alert. i do think they needed medical help. >> reporter: the officers were hailed heroes. >> they do have to be very strate strategic, quick thinkers and have to come up with quick solutions to challenging situations like this. a man discovered unconscious in san francisco's union square over the weekend has died. abc news aired this picture of the man yesterday. a spokesperson for san francisco general hospital said because of the media's help, the relative came and identified him. he is manuel gallegos, who they believe got hurt when he fell. the hospital says his organs
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will be donated. and there is growing momentum tonight to prevent another tragedy like last week in the san francisco city park. this woman, christie vonamere was run over by the city truck while she was lying in the sun with her baby and dog. as vic lee explains, some people believe it was bound to happen. >> days after, i'm still in shock how it happened. >> reporter: mayor ed lee is demanding a thorough investigation of what happened at the park. christie vonemere was run over by a department maintenance truck wednesday afternoon as she sun bathed on the grass with her baby and dog. police identified the city work as 57-year-old tom bernaske, witnesses told police he drove off without stopping. police tracked him down blocks away and took him into custody. many neighbors we spoke to said that workers often drove recklessly on the paths and the
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grass. they include rachel bonifield, who spoke to the news by phone. on february 26, she went to the park and recreation website and filed this complaint, saying that park maintenance workers who clean the bathrooms routinely drive their vehicles on the bike paths, they do this where the visibility is not good. and some of the workers drive far too fast. on friday, a day after the accident, bonifield took a screen shot of the complaints filed. hers was number 1554. it read her complaint was still open. in other words, not re solved. her page showed no response from her complaint. she checked again and discovered yesterday that her page now read closed. park scan resolved. and whatever that action was took place march 11, about two
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weeks after her complaint. bonifield is suspicious of all of this and believes the department may have changed her page after the accident. supervisor david campos, whose district investigates this type of incident, wants to get to the bottom. >> i think it is important to note that this is out there, the accusation has been made and to make sure they respond fully. >> reporter: well, the wreck and park department said they fired the worker bonifield complained about. but bonifield says she never mentioned the name in her complaint. as for the sunday change regarding the response to her complaint, rec and park referred us to the city's 311 department, which works on the department's complaints. park alliance also deals with those complaints and they tell us there was a server upgrade and the information about the park's response must have been
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lost. still, one big questio who changed the response to the complaint over the weekend from open to closed. and why then? vic lee, abc 7 news. >> we'll work on the answers. well, as we get started on another week, we're getting started here. the mammogram debate, new research out of harvard adds fuel to the fire. how early should women begin screening? >> i'm nannette miranda, regarding the critics and the court. also the name game, now being played from here to sacramento over what to called the old bay bridge. and one ♪ (woman) this place has got really good chocolate shakes.
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when breaking news happens. >> that fire on mt. diablo rages out of control. >> watch it live on abc 7 news. >> it is now 1500 acres. >> for the latest breaking news. >> there is some potential middle ground on syria tonight. russia is offering to have syria surrender its chemical weapons to moscow. president obama told news anchor
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diane sawyer this could be a breakthrough or a stall tactic. >> if bashar al-assad yields control of his chemical weapons to international authority, is military strike on pause? >> absolutely. if, in fact, that happens. and so you know, i consider this a modestly, positive development. you know, john kerry is going to talk to his counterparts and we're going to run this to ground. >> meanwhile, president obama is preparing to speak directly to the american people about the crisis in syria. he will do that tomorrow. in the meantime, congress, the american public and allies around the world signalled that they are not convinced that a military strike is the right thing to do. abc news reporter karen travers is in washington. >> reporter: president obama continued to make his case for a military strike against syria, earlier today he sat down with diane sawyer.
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the foreign minister there said they will push syria to put their chemical weapons under international control and then destroy them. >> what i said i said specificai want to make sure that norm against use of chemical weapons is maintained, in our national security interest. if we can do that without a military strike, that is overwhelmingly my presence. >> reporter: the 11th hour diplomatic surprise may have stemmed from an off-the-cuff suggestion from john kerry in london. >> he can turn over every bit of his chemical weapons to the international community, in the next week turn it over, all of it. without delay. >> reporter: after he said that, the state department was just a rhetorical argument, but now it looks like it is gaining momentum. but the president obama administration is preparing for a strike. and syrian president bashar
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al-assad remains defiant. he sat down over the weekend to discuss damascus. >> will there be a retaliation if there is an air strike? >> should expect everything, should expect everything. >> reporter: and here in the u.s., opposition to the strike is growing. and the new poll found that nearly two thirds of americans are against it. karen travers, abc news, washington. and we'll bring you the president's address on syria live at 6:00 tomorrow evening over on channel 7. and now, let's move along and talk about the weather conditions, the fire on the east bay, absolutely critical. >> the humidity is very low and the fuels are dry, winds are gusty and will remain so. we have a cooling pattern under way, mainly clear skies in the bay area, coastal fog, low clouds pushing locally out over
9:19 pm
the bay at this hour, how about today's highs? here is a sample of just how high temperatures got today. up to 100 at antioch, and fairfield, and livermore. in sharp contrast to a high of only 62 at half moon bay, 42 degrees lower than highest of the inland highs, up north in ukiah, that is reflective of the bay and the climate. looking along the embarcadero, mainly clear skies, you can see a bit of the faint haze or fog coming in. 59 degrees in san francisco, 62 in oakland, 60, 89 at los gatos, and the emoryville camera there, you can see the fog,ñi mainly clear skies over the bay at the moment. 60 in santa rosa, 66 in napa, # in concord, and 78 in livermore,
9:20 pm
the east bay locations, slow to cool down, looking at a portion of the san francisco skyline from the camera, this is a look at the forecast features. we'll see some fog near the coast and bay overnight. it will be a little bit cooler tomorrow. wouldn't be a sharper, dramatic cooldown. but certainly it will be cooler than today. and we'll have temperatures at the seasonal average for most of the remainder of the week. although there will be a bit of an increase in temperatures on friday. excuse me, water vapor satellite image showing the large, warm air mass the main feature in our weather, for the last three days, bringing the triple digit numberin numberings. the pattern will wind down, we'll see the onshore flow and the seabreeze develop iing. it will be cooler in most areas of the bay area tomorrow, from the coast to the bay to inland. and that pattern will continue through the middle of the week. overnight tonight, again, a few patches of coastal fog will drift beyond the coast into some inland areas, generally, clear
9:21 pm
area, mild, low temperatures in the upper 50s and low 60s. tomorrow, warming into the south bay, not terribley hot. highs in the mid-to-upper 80s, at san jose, lots of 80s in the peninsula, redwood city and palo alto, 66 in downtown san francisco, i was looking at it upsidedown, in the north bay, mid-80s, 75 at napa, mid-70s to low 80s, generally in the east bay, the inland, warmer, low 90s there. here is the accu-weather seven-day forecast. the cooldown continues through wednesday, then we start to warm up a bit on thursday, friday, mid-90s, inland by friday and cool down again by the weekend. a nice, relatively steady pattern with high temperatures closer to the seasonal warm for the remainder of the week, no more triple digits. and still to come tonight on abc 7 news, out with the old, and in with the new. i'll have that story, and long
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covering fremont, palo alto, north bay and all the bay area, this is abc 7 news. well, there has been much ado in the past few weeks about the opening of the new eastern span of the bay bridge, well, tonight, we have information on the western span, lawmakers are discussing naming it after willie brown. and whenever that is discussed, politics are, as well. for more, carolyn tyler has
9:26 pm
more. >> there are issues about naming the western span after willie brown. >> others say i don't like you very much, but i think they ought to name the bridge after you. he said why, so i can run over you every day. >> as the longest serving assembly speaker in california and the two-term san francisco mayor, willie brown was colorful and controversial. as a key backer in the state senate noted today. >> there will always be people who like willie brown and some people hate him. you know what, if you do your job well, that is how it should be. >> but among the opponents, three former san francisco supervisors, including matt gonzales, who sent a letter of protest to state lawmakers saying, while we respect his years of service, mr. brown remains a very controversial figure in the city.
9:27 pm
>> i think you should do this, if you do it for somebody who is still alive, there ought to be consensus about it. and i don't think there is at this time about willie brown. >> you don't recall when george miller had a bridge named after him, or when john burton had a road named after him, you don't recall them saying that at all. it is only when it is willie brown. >> i would make an exception if the public voted for it. if the resolution passed in san francisco, caltrans would be asked to put up the signs, which willie brown or his supporters would pay for it. in san francisco, caroline tyler. and the final safety piece of the hardware is now stalled on the eastern part of the bay bridge, the spokesperson said a new statue of a bearded troll is
9:28 pm
now in place at an unknown place. the troll, made by an artist, is at an unknown location, and the old troll was removed and will likely be housed in a museum or maybe a park. all right, moving on, after 25 years, two bay area pioneers win a top scientific prize, that story is ahead. plus, one of the most anticipated tech conferences, where they are talking about one of the most anticipated gadgets of the year. plus, the fake van gogh that plus, the fake van gogh that turned out to be unbelievable.
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now, from abc 7 news. >> good evening once again, the state's top two elected democrats called a truce today and decided to work together on the prison crisis, thousands of inmates were set to be released if nothing was done. but as the abc correspondent nannette miranda explained, many say the governor's plan is simply too little, too late. >> under court order to reduce the inmate population by nearly 10,000 by the end of the year, the compromise reached by governor brown and legislative leaders from both parties calls for asking the judges for more time. if they grant the extension, senate president daryl steinberg's plan goes into effect, spending $200 million a year on rehabilitation and counseling programs to prevent criminals from re-offending and
9:33 pm
coming back to crowd the cells. >> everybody is interested in a longer term solution. and if they grant the extension, we have, then, the opportunity to do what is in the alternative plan. >> reporter: if the court doesn't approve more time, the compromise proposal says it is back to square one. the governor's plan to spend more than $300 million immediately, contracting bed space at private or out of state prisons. >> this legislation shows the state of california is 100% compliant with what the court ordered. legal experts say an extension is highly unlikely. remember, the lawsuit has been going on for two decades, taxpayers can't believe that state leaders are taking such a risk, clearly, the judges are running out of patience and
9:34 pm
could order releases. >> nobody could possibly misunderstand the ruling, the governor's plan only kicks the can down the road and straps the taxpayers with a huge debt. >> reporter: a recent report by the legislative office essentially agrees with the critics, the governor's plan will only work in the short term, with the over crowding problem continuing. and steinberg's plan could take too long to see results, some say. some of california's biggest fuel producers and fuel users have teamed up to keep police helicopters flying above oakland. an executive gave a $200,000 check to mayor quan today on behalf of fuelling coalition california. that will buy $4,000 gallons of jet fuel, enough for close to 40 hours of flying. >> it is a force multiplier, and with our staff such as it is,
9:35 pm
having the helicopter is a real benefit for us, and helping to make citizens safer and keep our officers safer, as well. >> the program is cash-strapped. one police officer serves as the only full-time pilot for oakland's two helicopters. chief wendt hopes to find enough money to help additional pilots apply. and a new study shows that mammograms before the age of 50 could help save lives, some believe it should begin before age 50. >> reporter: it was just four years ago that women were told to wait until 50 to get a mammogram, that recommendation came from the u.s. preventive services task force. but few followed that recommendation. >> i started at 40, my doctor said to do it at 38, which i'll do this year. >> i am from brazil, there they
9:36 pm
recommend 35. >> argued that there were too many unnecessary biopsies and treatments because of all the false/positive results. but now harvard university researchers found that mammograms before 50 could dramatically cut deaths from breast cancer. researchers identified 7300 women diagnosed with breast cancer between 1990 and 1999, and tracked their cases for several years until 2007. a little more than 600 of them died. a majority of them had not had mammograms, half of them had died. becky said a mammogram confirming at age 40 she had a lump on her breast was cancer. >> i feel very lucky i found it. >> reporter: the american cancer society maintains that women should get mammograms starting at age 40, once every year. dr. jessica leong is the director of the breast health
9:37 pm
care at the medical center and agrees starting to screen early saves lives. >> it is not perfect, and sometimes you need to do biopsies to find it at the early stages when they are treatable and curable. >> reporter: but others say it should not be based on a person's age. >> it is all based on their medical history, that is why talking to their doctor about screening is the best thing we can suggest. >> and the studies suggest with proper screening the breast cancer mortality rate could go down to 10% in the next ten years and as low as 5% by the year 2030. two bay area scientists have been awarded the american version of the nobel prize, richard sheller is executive vp of research at gen-tech, both men won this year's prize for
9:38 pm
basic medical research. their work reveals how nerve cells communicate with one another. each worked independently of the other, ending up with similar discoveries. their work is helping us understand more about learning, memory and mental illnesses like schizophrenia. and technology experts converging in san francisco for a tech meeting. there is great anticipation over the announcement of a new iphone which is expected tomorrow. abc 7 news reporter jonathan bloom has the story. >> reporter: in a crowded dark hall bathed in green light it is a pink mustache that gets the attention. they are the headliners at the tech start. >> they disrupted it, because there was so much demand, we had never seen anything like it. >> reporter: when lift began, there was a back requirement to use it. you had to have an iphone, it took months before it finally supported phones that used
9:39 pm
google software. it still only accounts for a quarter of the users. >> as we're growing outside of the bay area we're seeing the trend shift a bit. >> so we live in a bubble here. >> we live in a bit of a bubble. >> reporter: the bay area is still working with iphones, but the world has seen a wave of android adoption. so they prepared to launch the new adaptions. >> it is becoming more popular, it is more android users than apple. >> the growth has so dramatically out cased the iphone that many say they can't afford to ignore it. one start-up is profiting by helping the iphone developers move their iphones over to google's platform. >> three years ago, four years ago, why would you develop for android. >> that is exactly how long he has worked on the portable.
9:40 pm
now, the company is growing so fast that by tech crunch guidelines it almost didn't qualify as a start-up. but android won't have all the fun. tangible play is a growing category of games with physical accessories, one that is specifically made for apple devices. >> you suppose the people out there -- this is a factor. you know it is going to work. >> in san francisco, jonathan bloom, abc 7 news. well, the saying that opposite attracts, does it apply to retail outfits? coming
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600 jobs in the bay area will be meeting at prospects with the high event job fair tomorrow, hosted by the job fair and abc 7, it is held in san francisco from noon until four, available positions include financial advisers, librarians and software engineers, there is a complete list of jobs at abc 7 under "see it on tv." but if you know somebody looking for work this could be a terrific resource. and retailer neiman marcus is being sold today, get this, for the owners of 99 cents. the management and the canadian pension plan bought the company for $6 billion, besides the 99 cents stores, they own serta and maiden form brands, the company is doing well with net earnings
9:45 pm
over $70 million, a 70% jump over 2012, so heading in the right direction. meanwhile, profits are down for europe's largest airline, and fewer people are flying ryan air. and that has ryan posting its first profit warning in over ten years. it relies on lower fares and big fees, passengers have to check in on their computer. there is also an each-way charge and a charge to print the ticket. how would you like to pay that? philip nolan, the man who wrote the book, said a cut in profits could be the start of consumer back lash and perhaps the end of price at all costs in air travel. a long lost vincent van gogh painting that was thought to be
9:46 pm
lost has been found, called "sunset," depicting trees and bushes, the museum curator calls it a once in a lifetime experience, van gogh painted it while living in southern france. and coming up next, the one piece of
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all right, let's take one last look at the weather forecast, spencer christian is here, he persists a bit. >> here is a look at live doppler 7, we have low clouds at the coast's moving locally out
9:50 pm
over the bay. here is a look at the conditions over mt. diablo. there are conditions there, 70 degrees, relative humidity, 13%, tomorrow, state-wide, it will be a warm day. in fact, warm to hot. here in the bay area it will cool down just a bit. highs tomorrow mainly in theñr w 90s, tonight, hundred degrees or higher, 70s along the bay area, and 60s along the coast. it will continue to cool down through wednesday, mid-90s, inland by friday, no more hundreds, a nice steady late summer pattern, warm weather but no excessive heat. >> we need that, thank you, spencer. the price of history, the green jacket owned by the winner of the first master's tournament selling for almost $700,000. the jacket sold at an on-line
9:51 pm
august to an undisclosed bidder, believed to be the record price, $600,000 and some change. the green jacket was believed to be lost but instead was found hanging in a closet last month by a family member. the jacket a symbol of one of the most prestigious golf tournaments in the world. you're not supposed to take the jacket home. it is supposed to stay there on the property. >> i thought they had one that you could take and one that they kept. >> no, they -- s8thrill, like the stanley cup, you get to take it and go home with it. here is your jacket, take it off after the show is over. all right in sports, what does jim harbaugh think of the cl
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news at 11:00, live team coverage of the fire threatening homes. >> what they did to me was wrong. >> a woman fights back after she is fired by a clothing store on the peninsula. you will find out what happened, those stories and a lot more coming up on abc news at 11:00, on channel 7, but the sports director is here with the exercise on jim harbaugh. >> yes, certainly, we'll start off with the mellow harbaugh, the gift exchange at christmas time, i don't know how it works with john and jim. but how can you ever repay your brother when he presents you with an quan boldin, today, after the news, the niners coach called out packers linebacker clay matthews who threw colin kaepernick down with a late hit.
9:56 pm
harbaugh took his own shot at clay matthews. >> one punch and one open slap, which -- you know, that was just -- you're going to go to the face, come with some knuckles, you know, not an open slap. so -- i think that young man works very hard on being a tough guy, he will have some repairing to do to his image after the slap. >> come with knuckles, okay? and then break your hand. the raiders lost their opener to the colts, but terrell pryor almost led them to the win. fantastic setting, the raiders qb record, 124 yards, but throws it right into coverage, intercepted, they go on the win, 21-17. >> we gave ourselves a chance to win the game. right up until the very end of the game, we had an opportunity to win.
9:57 pm
what we've got to improve on is -- and what we have to learn from is you know, we've got to make those plays in those critical situations so that when you come in on monday, you got a good feeling and not a bad feeling. >> monday night football, eagles and redskins, chip kelly, debut, his up-tempo offense that he brought with him from oregon. it works, michael gargiulole çó vick, deshawn jackson, big night for le shawn, third quarter, look at mccoy here, the cut, brace the tackle, wow, he had 181 yards rushing, eagles in control, 37-7,in rg3 rallies, throws 29, two touchdowns, they go for the on-side kick as they will. the ball loose for a moment.
9:58 pm
philly recovers, kelly winning the first game, 23-7 the final. and elvis night at at&t park. a hunk of burning love. buster posey got them all shook up. tim lincecum, love me tender, perhaps in one of his final few starts as a giant, tulowitzki with the single. allowing two runs, eight innings, i'm out of elvis songs. >> heartbreak hotel. >> all right, thank you -- angel pagan scores, tying it at 2, they're in the tenth, tied at two. novak djokovic, ranked number one in the world, he admits nobody is playing better than rafael nadal, the two face off in the open finals, do you want
9:59 pm
to interrupt the song? a perfectly good highlight. nadal and novak djokovic, this is the price you pay if you can't put one away, as the joker had a chance, here is novak djokovic, blistering forehand down the line to win the second set. nadal too much, though, look at the placement here, wow. anyway, four sets, nadal the winner, 6-1 in the fourth, overcome with emotions here on match points, that is his 14th major, trailing only federer. >> see you at ten over at 11:00. >> all shook up.
10:00 pm
charlie: would you describe this piece as more savory or succulent? it's definitely way too overcooked to be succulent. but it's still pretty delicious. - it's still savory, right? - mm-hmm. now, what if we soaked it in beer? do you think that would help it, like, regain its succulence? - like a beer rub? - mm-hmm.


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